Ten best cat foods to buy

Ten best cat foods to buy

Being a cat owner is not an easy task; it comes with a lot of responsibilities. Apart from looking for fancy litter boxes, collars or name tags, one has to also be mindful of the right food choices for your pets. Cats require a high-protein diet with adequate hydration to stay healthy. And as cats are carnivores by nature, it is essential that this protein comes from animal sources. Hence, choosing the perfect food brand for the right life cycle of your cats is essential.

The calorie content of the food must also be kept in mind to prevent obesity and lifestyle-related diseases in your beloved pet. But simply reading the ingredient list is not sufficient to gain information about the cat food. An easy way is to look for a nutritional-adequacy statement by the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO). This statement provides information on healthy cat foods for kittens and older cats.

Most veterinarians believe that the best kind of cat food includes large amounts of animal protein, some quantities of fats, and negligible to zero carbohydrates. As a cat parent, it can get overwhelming to buy your feline the right meal as there are a variety of options available in the market. To make things easier, we have compiled this list of the best cat food in the country.

ZiwiPeak wet cat food
The ZiwiPeak wet cat food is probably the best cat food brand on this list. This feline meal consists of 95 percent of animal protein, including meat, organ, and bones. All ingredients for the ZiwiPeak are sourced from New Zealand and come from ethical farms.

The best thing is that this cat food is free of grains, by-products, fillers, and artificial additives. According to several users, this cat food is as close as you would get to a natural predator for your cat.

There is also very little carbohydrates in the recipe. And all of the protein comes from novel meat sources like venison, mackerel, and lamb to avoid any chance of triggering allergies or sensitivity in your cat.

The wet cat food is good for kittens who haven’t been trained. There’s also an air-dried dry cat food variant that is packed with nutrients. However, this brand has some drawbacks, one of them includes few flavor choices. Plus, ZiwiPeak cat food can be very expensive.

Acana dry cat food
Among the best dry cat food on this list is Acana. The brand’s popularity is because of the high-quality meat ingredients they use. The recipe, as recommended by vets, comes with large quantities of proteins and very little carbs. Its formula is supposed to mimic the evolutionary meal patterns of felines. Although Acana has only four dry cat food variants, there is something available for all ages of cats.

Since they use natural meat, Acana does not contain extra nutritional supplements in the ingredients list. But there is high prebiotic content in the formula. So if your cat has digestive issues, this meal is great for them. All ingredients in Acana’s dry cat food are sourced from the US and trusted farms. The cat food does not contain any filler ingredients like grain either.

We were a little disappointed with the price. At $5 per pound, Acana is one of the most expensive cat food brands on this list. It’s also worth mentioning that they use common protein sources. So it might be troublesome if your cat has an allergy.

Nature’s variety wet cat food
If your feline is a fussy eater, we suggest you try this Nature’s Variety wet cat food. Its flavor is appealing to cats, and the texture makes it easy to gulp down. Plus, it’s made with 95 percent meat ingredients and has the high-protein, low-carb formula recommended for cats. All this makes it the perfect meal for kittens as well.

They make simple, easy-to-digest recipes. They mimic natural, raw cat food as much as possible by using real, high-quality meats. In fact, they offer the convenience of canned food but the nutritional value of a homemade feline meal.

There’s plenty of omega-3 fatty acids to promote skin and coat health and no filler grains. You can choose from either the duck, chicken or lamb versions for the proteins. A word of caution, these proteins may trigger allergies in a few cats, so please check beforehand.

Wellness grain-free cat food
While some cats can digest small amounts of carbohydrates, some might be sensitive to these as well. It is always better to opt for a grain-free cat food brand, like the Core line from Wellness. This line contains different cat food varieties for kittens, adult cats, and indoor cats.

What we liked the most about this Wellness cat food is that the ingredients are high-quality and locally sourced. Plus, every recipe is crafted by expert animal nutritionists and veterinarians, so your cat gets the best nutrition possible.

Most of the cat food contains protein sources like chicken, turkey, duck, salmon, venison, and lamb. You can choose the common protein varieties. Or go for the novel ingredient ones (like turkey) if your cat has an allergy. The cat food also comes with added omega-3 fatty acids for better skin and coat health and prebiotics for improved digestion.

While the Wellness grain-free cat food can be slightly expensive, it is worth it if your cat has gluten sensitivities or is a picky eater.

Castor & Pollux organix cat food
If you’re a health freak and want the same organic food diet for your cat, try the Castor & Pollux Organix Cat Food. It’s one of the premium brands for feline food and uses only the best, organic ingredients. These meals are handcrafted and produced only in small batches to ensure good quality.

The brand offers both wet and dry cat food varieties. There are also options for non-grain versions if your cat has diet restrictions. The non-GMO ingredients are rich in proteins and low in carbs. And what little carbs are present in the cat food come from potatoes and tapioca.

Castor & Pollux Organix Cat Food mainly uses chicken and fish as their major protein source. But if your cat is allergic to these, there is also the Healthy Kitten variant with turkey. This brand of cat food is suitable for kittens and adult cats too.

Blue Buffalo Adult dry cat food
One of the most popular brands of cat food among pet owners is the Blue Buffalo Adult Dry Cat Food. This kibble can either have a single source of meat protein or a mix of three added with brown rice. The meat can be either chicken, salmon, or turkey. So if your cat has an allergy to poultry, you can try the single-turkey meal. This cat food also contains fruits and veggies to give your feline that extra dose of vitamins and minerals.

Depending on the recipe you choose, Blue Buffalo ensures that each cat meal contains at least 30 to 35 percent protein and 15 percent fat. Their carb content is low, and they’re easy to digest as well. Apart from these, the Blue Buffalo cat food contains added EPA, DHA, and omega-3 fatty acids. These ensure your cat’s fur remains shiny and soft. The formula also has a mix of gut-friendly probiotics that aid digestion.

Hill’s Science Diet Dry Cat Food
Looking for a good meal for an indoor cat? You can try the Hill’s Science Diet Dry cat food. This feline meal contains chicken as its primary source of protein. There’s also the added fish oil that makes sure your cat gets their daily dose of omega-3 fatty acids for coat and skin health.

Apart from these protein sources, this cat food is also rich in fruits and vegetables that provide it with the necessary vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. All of which are essential to improving your cat’s immunity and glandular health. With 29.5 percent protein, 16 percent fat, and 8 percent moisture content, the Hill’s Science Dry cat food makes sure your feline’s nutritional requirements are satisfied.

The one issue with this cat food recipe is that it contains wheat, gluten, soy, and corn. So you might have to give this one a miss if your cat is allergic to any of those ingredients. If not, this cat food is perfect for your tabby.

Merrick’s Before Grain Meat Cat Food
If you want cat food with novel proteins that your cat can safely consume, you should try the Merrick’s Before Grain Meat Cat Food. It is hypoallergenic and great for cats with dietary restrictions. The two proteins to choose from are chicken or salmon. And if you’re not sure about your cat’s allergies, we suggest going for the salmon version.

The ingredients include deboned chicken, turkey, real chicken fat, dehydrated potatoes, and more. With a protein content of 36 percent and fat content of 18 percent, this cat food is perfect for active, playful cats. The 11 percent moisture and 3 percent fiber content help keep their digestive system healthy.

Apart from proteins and probiotics, the Merrick’s Before Grain Meat cat food contains biotin, choline, and lecithin to keep your feline’s coat soft and shiny. There’s added EPA and omega-3 fatty acids for better nervous system health, and several vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

NomNomNow Chicken Chow Meow
If you’re someone who wants the best for your cat, try out the NomNomNow Chicken Chow Meow. This cat food is made using USDA-certified meat instead of feed-grade meat, which means the rations used are fit for human consumption. It combines the nutrition of a natural, homemade meal with the convenience of canned food.

Although it’s slightly expensive and available on a direct-to-consumer basis, we still think the NomNomNow is worth it if you want to feed your cat the absolute best. This feline meal is also preservative-free and is created to taste good to cats. So you can give it a try if your cat is a picky eater. All the recipes created for NomNomNow keep the AAFCO Food Nutrient Profiles in mind.

NomNomNow also offers customized portion sizes according to your cat’s age, size, and nutritional requirements. These vary in price.

Weruva Truluxe On The Cat Wok
When choosing cat food, most owners tend to check the protein, fat, and moisture content. But when it comes to older cats, one must check the phosphorus levels. High phosphorus levels are linked to kidney disease and other risk factors in older cats. The recommended level by most veterinarians is 200 milligrams per 100 calories.

And as the Weruva Truluxe One The Cat Wok contains 163 milligrams of phosphorus per 100 calories, it is the perfect meal for cats aged ten or older. The formula is also grain, gluten, and carrageenan-free, so it does not trigger any allergies or digestive problems in your pet. Lowered fat and protein contents (1.3 percent and 10 percent, respectively) help make this recipe the best for an older cat.

The chicken, beef, and pumpkin recipe is easy to digest as it comes in a soup format. Plus, it is good to taste, so picky eaters will lap it up too. This broth-based formula is also rich in vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and taurine that boosts heart health and vision. Also, all the poultry comes from trusted, cage-free farms.

Cat food can come in several varieties, ingredients, flavors, and textures. And just like humans, the food that might be suitable for one cat might not be good for another. But always remember that no matter which brand you choose, it should contain a high-protein, high-moisture, low-carb formula as this is best for feline health.

There is also the dilemma of choosing or wet or dry cat food. We suggest you go for wet food if your cat hasn’t been trained to drink out of a water bowl yet. This helps keep your furry friends hydrated. It’s also important to remember any allergies or sensitivities they might have, so you can pick a meal that’s safe for them.

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