Here are the latest hairstyles for all hair lengths

Here are the latest hairstyles for all hair lengths

Styling your hair the right way can enhance the overall appearance and make you stand out from the crowd. A hairstyle should complement your face and hair, and it should make you feel pretty and confident. No matter what the length of your hair is, short, medium, or long, you can look fabulous by sporting a perfect hairdo. Here are some latest hairstyles that you must try.

Latest hairstyles for short hair
Short hair looks great on people with a round or oval-shaped face. If you are looking for the latest hairstyles that can try on your short hair, we have some simple yet stylish options for you.

Scrunching the hair
If you have an asymmetrical bob cut, you can scrunch your hair or use a tong to create waves. Keep the parting flexible for a smarter look. If you want to accentuate the hairdo, twist the front part of your hair and pin it up on one side using a bling clip and tuck it behind the ear. You can also add highlights to the style to make it playful and trendy.

Pinup one side
For chin-length bob, styling options are limited. However, you can still enhance your look with this simple hairstyle. Create a deep side part for an angular and asymmetrical look and use a simple or fancy clip on the other side. This style looks best for straight bob.

French braid
Create a French braid that starts from the front top of your head and goes all the way down to the back. Secure it with a hair tie that matches your hair color or attire. Fan out the braid to add some volume to it.

If you want to hide the hair tie, take a part of the hair from the right side of your head and wrap it around the hair tie. Secure it with a couple of bobby pins. Repeat this on the other side of your hair as well. You can also leave some hair on both sides to frame your face.

Latest hairstyle for shoulder-length hair

French braid with a ponytail
When it comes to stylishly shoulder-length hair, this hairdo is just perfect.

  • Start by creating a side part, and make a French braid on one side of your head.
  • Secure it with a small hair-tie.
  • Collect all your hair, including the braid and make a low ponytail at the back.
  • To add a creative element to the hairstyle, you can take the hair braided within the ponytail and wrap it around the base of your head. Secure the loose ends with bobby pins.

Do not worry if some strands of hair fall out on the sides. It will add to the messy look and accentuate your hairdo.

Twisted hairstyle
When you are looking to try the latest hairstyles, you will fall in love with this one.

  • Start by making a middle part.
  • Take a small section of your hair from the front left side and start twisting towards the ear.
  • While twisting, you can add small strands of hair along the hairline.
  • On reaching the back, secure this twisted section of hair with bobby pins.

If you are looking for a creative spin, make layers of twists on both sides and secure them at the back of your head with bobby pins.

Latest hairstyles for medium hair length
If you have an oval, long, or heart-shaped face, medium hair length will suit you the best. Here are some of the latest hairstyles that you can try on different occasions.

Side-swept bangs
If you have straight hair with bangs and feathered ends, try this simple yet stylish hairdo to accentuate your appearance. Part your hair and take the bangs to one side. This side-swept bangs hairstyle is perfect for an everyday look. It also makes your hair appear voluminous.

Messy side braid
This easy hairstyle is perfect for casual outings. Part your hair on one side and plait or braid it loosely. Secure the end with a hair-tie, and you are done. If you have fine hair, use some volumizing mousse while styling it.

Twisted bun
If you are looking for the latest hairstyles for the next party, this one is a must-try.

  • Create a center part and divide your hair into two halves.
  • Gather each section separately and make two high pigtails.
  • Now, divide each pigtail into two sections and make two rope braids.
  • Secure each braid’s end with a hair-tie.
  • Overlap the braids to create an updo and tuck the ends with U-pins.
  • If there are any flyaways, you can secure them with bobby pins.
  • Use a light-hold hairspray to keep the style intact for long.

Stylish low bun
This classy and trendy hairstyle is a treat for the eyes. It is hassle-free and perfect to make your hair appear sleeker. It looks best on straight or slightly wavy hair.

  • Start by making a deep side partition.
  • Separate the crown and part your hair with the help of a tail comb. Now, secure it with a sectioning clip. This will help you style the lower section easily.
  • Tease the lower part of your hair with a teasing comb. This helps create a voluminous effect.
  • Now, use the lower section to create a low side bun near the nape.
  • Release the crown section hair and use a teasing comb to create volume.
  • Then, smoothen the crown hair, brush it back, and wrap it around the bun.
  • Tuck in the edges with U-pins and use bobby pins for flyaway.
  • Use a light-hold hairspray to lock your hairstyle into place.

Messy top bun
This casual yet chic hairdo is perfect for bad hair days. It saves you from fixing your hair all day and gives a carefree look.

  • Start by brushing all your hair back; you can use a paddle brush for this.
  • For extra volume, tease the top of your crown with a teasing brush.
  • Gather all your hair like a high ponytail and start twisting it along the length of your mane.
  • Loop the hair with the help of a hair-tie in such a way that it looks like a half loop updo.
  • Now start spreading the bun out from all sides and secure it with U-pins.
  • Pull out a few strands of hair in the front for a casual look.
  • Use a light-hold hairspray to control frizz and keep the hairdo in place.

Fishtail bun
This style is a wonderful fusion of fishtail braid and bun. It is easy to create and looks great with both casual and formal attire.

  • Firstly, tie all your hair into a high ponytail and make a fishtail braid.
  • Secure it with a hair-tie at the end and coil the braid around itself to make a bun.
  • Use U-pins to secure the bun and use a light-hold hairspray to keep the hairdo intact for long.

Latest hairstyles for long hair
Long hair suits almost all face shapes, and you can try plenty of hairdos as well. Here are some of the latest hairstyles for long hair.

Double ponytail
If you have long hair, but it does not look that full and long, here is a simple hairstyle that will add volume, length, and dimension to your mane.

  • To make the hairstyle, brush back all your hair.
  • Use some texturizing spray all over your hair for a better hold.
  • Divide your hair into two sections horizontally.
  • Tie the top section of your hair roughly to separate it from the bottom one.
  • Now, tie the bottom section into a ponytail at the back of your head.
  • Untie the top section and backcomb the crown hair for some volume.
  • Make a ponytail of the top section, just above the bottom one.
  • Lastly, fan out the top ponytail. This helps hide the base of the bottom ponytail and lends a neat look.

Half-Dutch ponytail
This hairdo is just right to add a hint of style to your simple ponytail. You can try this to make your hair appear voluminous and show off your braiding skills.

  • Start by brushing back your hair.
  • Use texturizing hair spray on your mane for a better hold.
  • Pick a section of hair from above one ear, and divide it into three parts.
  • Dutch braid these three sections of hair.
  • Once the braid reaches the back of your head, braid it till the end, and use a hair-tie to secure it.
  • Take all your hair along with the braid and make a ponytail.
  • To hide the hair-tie, take a thin section of hair and wrap it around the hair-tie. Secure the hair with a bobby pin.

French braid twisted bun
If you are stepping out for a casual outing or shopping spree, this cute hairstyle will match the vibe. Here’s how you can make this hairdo.

  • Use some texturizing spray and brush your hair.
  • From near the left or right temple, pick a thick section of hair and divide it into three sections.
  • Make a French braid with these three sections.
  • While making the French braid, add more hair to each stitch from the sides.
  • Once the braid reaches the back of your head, collect all your hair in one hand.
  • Roll and tie into a bun and secure it with bobby pins.
  • Loosen the French braid and pull out a few strands of hair on the sides to frame your face and complete the look.

Knotted half-up hairdo
If you have long, straight hair, this simple yet eye-catching hairstyle is a must-try. Here are the steps to make this hairdo:

  • Wash and dry your hair and apply some heat protectant.
  • Use a curling iron and curl the lower half of your hair. Curl about one inch at a time for best results.
  • Pick up a section of hair from both sides of your head and pull them back.
  • Use these sections to make a single knot at the back of your head.
  • Secure the knotted hair with bobby pins to keep the hairstyle in place.

Simple chignon
This elegant hairstyle is perfect for weddings and formal parties.

  • Start by using some texturizing spray on your hair.
  • Tie your hair into a low ponytail.
  • Use your fingers to create some gap above the hair-tie.
  • Now, topsy-tail the ponytail by flipping it into the gap. Repeat this once again.
  • Wrap the entire ponytail around the middle section so that it looks like a small bun.
  • Spread out the hair in the bun to cover a part of the twisted sides and secure with bobby pins.

Boho braid
If you want to sport a carefree look, try this easy boho braid.

  • Use sea salt spray on your hair and part it on one side.
  • From the side that has more hair, pick up a thick section right from near the parting.
  • Divide the selected part into three sections.
  • French braid them by adding more hair from the outside with each stitch.
  • Braid till the end and secure with a hair-tie.
  • Loosen the braid a bit to finish off the look.

These are some latest hairstyles that you can try on different occasions. They are easy to make and perfect for those who like to experiment with their looks. So, grab your hairbrush and try out some of these hairdos right away!

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